Barbecue Catering Mound

Bruce Pogatchnik | 05/22/15

Let us bring in the food for your next BBQ.

Debra Prosper | 05/20/15

If you enjoy the taste of smokehouse flavor, you will love our chuckwagon suggestions. If you are not the best cook and you're having a big party, don't try to cook the food yourself.

Christopher Biddle | 05/19/15

Whether you need your event catered on site or off site, we can do that for you.

David Metzger | 05/17/15

If you're worried about your diet, we can plan nutritious meals for your next catered event.

Christopher Smedley | 05/17/15

Funeral catering can be done with a sit down luncheon or sandwich buffet.

Helen Nichols | 05/16/15

If you're having a golf outing and need it catered, we can bring anything from sandwiches to a full buffet.

Christopher Barrett | 05/16/15

Whether you're having a Hawaiian luau or a cowboy BBQ, we can plan a great menu for you.

Ed Sturdivant | 05/15/15

Some people like smoked food while others prefer barbequed food.

Elsie Smith | 05/13/15

Holiday parties are much more fun when you don't have to do the cooking.

Igor Kocherovsky | 05/13/15

Book your on site catering event with us in plenty of time.

Diane Robinson | 05/11/15

When we set a classic buffet table, you will find all types of foods you love. Catering a wedding is different from catering a graduation or baptism party.

Heather Brueggeman | 05/10/15

If you need someone to coordinate the food and drink at your next event, we are the people to contact.

Amy Aloysi | 05/09/15

BBQ catering is more popular now than ever before.

April Reyes | 05/09/15

When you have a special event, don't take the time to cook yourself. Whether you prefer coffee, hot chocolate, latte or tea, we can include them in your buffet menu.

Amee Snow | 05/09/15

Catering is not just someone cooking food. We do authentic BBQ catering along with beer and wine service.

Heather Jepsen | 05/07/15

If you prefer a special cuisine for your party, just let us know.

Elise Pasetta | 05/05/15

Whether you enjoy Italian, French or American BBQ, we can cook it for you.

Annie Putnam | 05/03/15

Whether you want upscale food or chuckwagon food, we can do it for you.

Heather Noyes | 05/03/15

If you would like an actual chuckwagon at your next school event, just let us know.

Christopher Foster | 05/01/15

We can bring you beverage service that includes coffee and tea service.

Cathy Sauer | 04/29/15

We can cater events at your home or at a hotel or catering facility.

Gary Brennan | 04/28/15

If all you want to serve at your next political event is bottled water, just let us know.

Dave Godlewski | 04/27/15

Some people prefer to just serve hors d'oeuvres at business meetings.

Gary France | 04/27/15

We can put a wide variety of party packages together for you to choose from.

Anna Lonergan | 04/26/15

On site catering at our location is always available.

Cameron Neilson | 04/26/15

When you plan your next corporate party, give us a call.

Alan Ankney | 04/25/15

Plated dinners or picnic lunches are no problem for our staff.

Barb Foote | 04/23/15

We can bring in wine and beer or any other liquor you might want.

Anne Romero | 04/23/15

Whether you need food and drinks for happy hour or you are looking for smoked food for a special event, we can do it all for you. Themed parties are very popular these days.

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Barbecue Catering Mound